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This is a legal and binding contract between both named parties. All statements included will be honoured by the seller and buyer. If any of the terms/conditions are broken by the buyer, Akalanka shall have the right to take possession of the named cat/kitten and registration papers at no charge to them.


Name of Cat:                                                              Breed:

Colour:                                                                       Sex:

Date of Birth:                                                             Microchip Number:

Quality of the Cat/Kitten at the time of purchase:    

Name of the New Owner:



Telephone Number:                                                Mobile Number


Price:                                                                          Date of Purchase:

Shipping costs are the total responsibility of the buyer and must be paid in full to Akalanka before the cat/kitten will be shipped to the buyer. Buyer is to add 2.9% paypal fees if payment is done using Paypal .


Akalanka will always remain co-owner of kitten which is being sold thus to ensure that this kitten can never be leased or re-sold.

The above designated cat/kitten has been properly wormed and vaccinated as stated in its vaccination booklet supplied by Akalanka.

In addition, we include a health certificate signed by our vet 5-7 days before departure from our home, as well as a copy of its dam and sire’s pedigree and the CFA registration green slip.

Herewith we supply some general information regarding this cat/kitten.


Akalanka feels responsible for this cat/kitten and we are willing to replace him in the following circumstances:

  • Health problems or death by disease for up to one month after it leaves our home.

  • This cat/kitten is guaranteed against death due to congenital defect or deformity for six months from the date of leaving our home.

Replacement of kitten/cat with one of equal quality only as soon as possible for us, and only with a Veterinarian Certificate showing genetic defects.

If this kitten/cat is deceased an autopsy, blood work and any additional tests to show cause of death and genetic defects that caused death must be provided to the Seller by Buyers veterinarian. Buyers also agrees to authorise Buyers Veterinarian to release all medical records on this kitten/cat.

No cash refund will be given. Buyers will be responsible for any charges incurred on a replacement kitten/cat.

  • Teeth problems with adult dentition that could affect its show potential according to the CFA standard (this applies only to show quality or top show quality cats, not to breeders or pets), only if the kitten stays in our cattery until the 2nd teeth comes out.

  • Akalanka Cattery is leukaemia free which means that all original cattery cats as well as those bought in, have all been tested negative for leukaemia virus. Once the kitten/cat leaves this cattery, no guarantee is stated or implied that the kitten/cat will never contract feline leukaemia and the new owner should take steps to ensure that the kitten/cat will never come in contact with the disease.

  • Akalanka only breeds from PKD negative cats and is providing the parents’ PKD negative certificates to the buyer. The said kitten/cat shall never be bred to a positive PKD cat.

Akalanka is NOT responsible for:

  • Any type of accident that may occur in the kitten/cat ‘s new home.

  • Any type of contagious disease incubated or contracted after the cat/kitten has been sold.

  • Reproduction problems, excluding sterility (males reluctant to breed, whelping or gestation problems in queens)   


  • Neither are we responsible for any show results regardless of the quality of the cat/kitten.

The New Owner

  • Is responsible for the well being of the cat/kitten, as be fits a family member.  He shall NEVER CAGE the cat/kitten or enclose him in too small a living space (only on shows)

  • The new owner agrees to provide companionship for this cat/kitten, never leaving it alone for extended periods of time without human attention. This kitten/cat will never be allowed to roam outdoors unattended. Shall always provide the kitten/cat fresh water and a healthy food diet.

  • He shall try to show this cat/kitten whenever possible (this excludes pet and breed quality)

  • The new owner agrees to have annual vet checks and shots up to date.

  • It is recommended to isolate the kitten/cat for at least one month before introduction to its other cats.


  • This cat/kitten CANNOT be resold or given away or leased as a whole cat to anyone, if the buyer is to place the cat/kitten into a new home, the cat/kitten must be neutered or spayed by the original owner (Buyer). The new owner  must notify the Seller (Akalanka) immediately if the cat/kitten is to be placed into a new home and will prior offer the cat/kitten to the Seller (Akalanka) as a whole cat.

  • If this cat/kitten is being purchased for show competition it is expected to be shown in show condition prior to any rings to be presented in. If this cat is found to be mistreated or neglected, the new owner agrees to surrender the said kitten/cat unconditionally to the breeder and forfeiting any refund of purchase price, purchaser pays shipping or delivers the cat by automobile or plane to Akalanka.

  • NO STUD OR LEASE SERVICES CAN BE GIVEN FROM THIS CAT/KITTEN to anyone who’s name is not on the registration papers of the cat/kitten.


Should the buyer default on the above mentioned terms, Akalanka has the right to demand the cat/kitten and registration papers be returned to them immediately with no refund due to the purchaser.


This cat/kitten is for the purchasers OWN PERSONAL breeding program and must be remain in the home or the cattery of the new owner only. This cat/kitten cannot be shared among other breeders ! If purchaser has cats that are co-owned with other breeders this kitten/cat cannot be shared in breeding with the purchasers co-owned cats.

  • Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten be sold or given away to any pet shops, research laboratory or similar facilities. Or to anyone participating in kitten mill activities or animal shelters etc

  • All non-neutered/spayed pet quality kittens from Akalanka will have to be neutered/spayed without fail before they are one year of age. The new owner shall provide us with a copy of the vet certificate stating so. Akalanka will only provide the CFA registration to the buyer once the said cat is neutered/spayed.

  • Any kittens/cats produced from this cat cannot be sold to pet shops.

The new owner agrees to pay all court costs if this contract is litigated and that nay suit shall be tried in the seller’s state law (MALTA). There will be an additional €2500 damages fee if this binding contract is brought to court. Seller stands behind the health of its cats and expects buyer to pamper, love and cherish the said kitten and agrees to keep seller informed of kitten’s welfare and progress.

All deposits are non-refundable and are taken in good faith on a kitten/cat. Change of minds or not paying in full for the kitten when it is ready to go will forfeit the deposit for the loss of holding the kitten for you and the work for boarding, bathing, upkeep care and any special shots or vetting for that kitten/cat that was reserved. Deposits will only hold a kitten for a reasonable amount of time.


This agreement shall be binding if executed by either original signatures of the parties and execution of facsimile shall for all purposes be deemed to be by original signatures.

We agree to each all of the above mentioned points of this contract which we dully sign.

Signed this _________ day of __________ 20__

Purchaser’s Passport or ID number ___________________

Tica/CFA cattery registration number _________________

Purchaser’s Signature (New Owner)



Signed this _________day of __________20__

Breeder ID number: ________________

Breeder CFA cattery registration number _______________

Breeder Signature



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